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Enriching the Deep East Texas community through art.
Published: Jan. 19, 2024 at 10:14 AM EST
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Big metropolitan cities like Dallas and Houston are home to incredible art museums. There you can find a smorgasbord of top-notch pieces. Yet, you actually don’t need to drive all that way to experience high quality works by incredible artists. You can stay right here in East Texas! The Museum of East Texas in Lufkin blends passion for artistic expression and a culture of family-friendly experience.

“A group of six women got together and said, “the city needs a place for families to come create and see art.””

Allyson Langston, executive director, shares the beginning stages of what would become the Museum of East Texas. In 1906, the St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church opened its doors to its congregation. Thirty years later, there was a devastating fire to the church building. The congregation decided to build another church in Lufkin, leaving the charred property to the city. In 1974, the group of six women from the Lufkin Service League got the green light to help transform this forgotten church in into the beautiful art museum that stands today. Their motivation was pure; to create a safe space for families to enjoy the arts and each other.

Big morning at the MET when Jeffie Brewer @jeffie_brewer and friends arrive with their joyful creations! We are just a...

Posted by Museum of East Texas on Wednesday, January 10, 2024


“There’s always something to enrich your life and educate you when you walk through the doors, at no cost.”

Today, the passion of these six women still flows through the operation of the Museum of East Texas. This motive is clearly seen through the museum’s FREE entry to all visitors. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come spend some time at the MET!

These no-cost exhibits are of the utmost quality, as well. From carefully crafted sculpture pieces to black-and-white photographs that speak a thousand words, the rooms here at the museum are expertly curated for your viewing pleasure. The staff here at the MET encourages you and your family to come visit their variety of exhibits that museum has on display.

Come visit their Rotary Gallery, which always showcases works from local East Texan painters, photographers, and so on. These artists range from those who are a part of the Lufkin Art Guild to even local students in the deep East Texas area. Along with the local flavor of art, the museum hosts many works from artists that live all across the United States. Come visit their Discoveroom and Chapel to see what might be displayed this season. You can also check out some of these rotating current and future exhibitions here on their website!


“We also like to offer a lot of programming for families and children, especially.”

The most impactful part of the MET are their programs and events that they offer to the deep East Texas community. The museum hosts many family-focused gatherings throughout the year such as “Pumpkin Party” and “Vintage Valentines.” Along with these family-friendly activities, the Museum of East Texas puts on larger events that help benefit future operations, while creating a space for excitement and silliness. The event that stands out the most is the MET’s Oddball, which happens every March. Inspired by the colorful works of Van Gogh, attendees are encouraged to come this is evening of fun and dancing in well… odd costumes! See how you can reserve a spot at this year’s Oddball, here! Plus, stay up to date on all local events happening at the MET!

Art can be so unexpectedly impactful. Art allows you to view normal, everyday situations in a different light. Come view the unique perspectives and stories of these many great East Texan artists. Plan your next weekend trip to the Museum of East Texas!

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