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Tyler, TX
Published: Mar. 15, 2024 at 3:15 PM EDT
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The beautiful thing about painting is that you can go about it however you’d like. Nobody can tell you that it’s designed wrong because this is your creation. There is so much joy and exploration when it comes to art and Piddlin’ Pottery wants to help you create these wonderful moments. With tons of different types of pottery to use as your canvas, here you can paint something that will hold memories for generations.


“We have over 200 to 300 selections that you can choose from.”

Diana Barham, owner, shared about the enormous amount of pottery to choose from. From a Thor’s Hammer piggy bank to your simple coffee mug, you are bound to find a piece that will resonate with you. For myself, I chose the square pet water bowl and a little dish for a Mother’s Day gift. (Hint, hint. Mother’s Day is May 12th!)

The process is simple. As you walk into the studio take a gander at the giant wall of options. Once you select a piece you like find an empty seat and grab some paint. Piddlin’ has a large stack of shelves in the corner filled with vibrant hues and tints to choose from. Each paint bottle is numbered to help you remember which is which. They even have examples of each color to show you how many coats you will need to get your desired look.

Once you have everything you need, start painting however you wish. Diana expressed that even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can still make meaningful memories with painting and friends. Plus, there is no need to feel rushed. There are no time limits here, so take your time making your beautiful work of art. If you need any help or suggestions, a friendly staff member can give you some guidance.

Whenever you have your pottery just like you like it, turn it over to the staff where they will glaze it in their very own kiln. A kiln is a giant oven designed to dry and harden painted clay pottery, as it gets up to 2,000 degrees! After a week or two, you can come back and take your precious piece home. My cat and dog are loving their personalized water bowl, by the way.

We have extended hours this week for Spring Break, plus some last minute classes added to our calendar! Check it all out...

Posted by Piddlin Pottery on Monday, March 11, 2024


“One of our most popular classes is where you get to make and paint a garden gnome.”

Painting pre-made sculptures is one thing, but how about designing your own? Piddlin’ Pottery offers a super fun program where you can mold and paint your very own garden gnome! In this class you are given rock clay and all of the shaping tools you will need. Want your gnome to have a tall hat? Go for it. How about some funky shoes? Why, of course! The possibilities are endless. Design and paint your little guy however you would like. Piddlin’ Pottery has a variety of other classes as well! Stay up to date here for workshops on the horizon!

“You can come sit, relax, and do something creative with your people.”

Painting can be a form of peaceful solitude or a way to connect with your friends and family. Whatever reason you choose, you will find that joy here. You are welcome to come by yourself for some peace and quiet or invite a whole group of friends. Piddlin’ Pottery will also host your birthday party or other types of gatherings for some large painting sessions. More information can be found here!

Piddlin’ Pottery is an incredible creative outlet for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re 9yrs old or 90, an expert artist or never have painted a day in your life, you will enjoy creating lasting memories here as you decorate your very own pottery piece.

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