Texas’ Most Northeastern State Park

A peaceful nature retreat in East Texas.
Published: May. 3, 2024 at 9:53 AM EDT
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Before you make your way into Arkansas, East Texas has a state park that welcomes you for a visit. Atlanta State Park, just outside of Atlanta, TX, is home to peaceful campsites, awesome landscapes, and just a full weekend of fun! Let us tell you all about it!


“The trails have excellent birding. The fishing is great here.”

If you are looking for an escape from the daily grind and the hustle and bustle from city life, you’ve come to the right place. Steve Propes, Superintendent, shared with us all the ways to experience the beauty and nature of the Atlanta State Park.

The park includes 5mi of hiking trails. During our visit here, we walked a couple of the trails and were in awe of the very active wildlife. On our stroll of the Arrowhead Trail, which lies in the central portion of the park, we encountered many Redheaded Woodpeckers, who make their homes in the dried out trees in the distance, flying back and forth overhead. At the end of this trail, you arrive to the shore of Lake Wright Patman, which has just an incredible expansive view of the lake.

Just a little further down the road is the Hickory Hollow Nature Trail. This .81mile loop hosts a variety of plants and trees that you can identify with the help of informative plaques. We learned about the Red Buckeye plant, which has been used for centuries to create dyes and soaps.

A largely popular feature is Lake Wright Patman. This massive waterfront surrounds the Northern portion of the state park. With two boat ramps, lake access from virtually anywhere in the park, and kayak/canoe rentals on hand, your nature experience on the water awaits! Fishing is the primary activity here. Steve shared that the record catfish out here was 69lbs! This is also where his son caught his first fish years ago.

Atlanta State Park also offers a variety of programs and workshops to help you appreciate and engage with the natural environment. A wildly popular program is Skins & Skulls. During this class kids and adults alike can identify furs, tracks, bones, and even... scat of some of the critters that call this park home. (Don’t worry the scat is fake.)

Great catch Cody Shields! Thanks for stopping by the office and showing us your big catch. 58lbs

Posted by Atlanta State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Monday, March 4, 2024


“All of our campsites are on a bluff because this is a flood control lake. The water levels go up and down.”

A defining feature of Atlanta State Park are the bluffs that edge Lake Wright Patman. A bluff is a small, rounded cliff that usually overlooks a body of water, or where a body of water once stood. (National Geographic Society) It is a very unique feature that leads to some interesting rock and sand formations. Some of these bluffs can be 10ft or more above the water, leading to some amazing views of the scenery. When it comes to camping, all of the sites here allow you to camp near these awesome geographical structures. While exploring a bluff right beside the White Oak Ridge Camping Area, we got to witness the flight of a Bald Eagle right over our heads! (Check out our video above to see some footage of this majestic bird.)


“All you hear is birds and the wind blowing through the trees.”

Steve shared with us that his favorite feature of the park, aside from the nightly sunsets over the lake, is simply the peaceful atmosphere. He added how most of the time, all the noise in the air is just the chirping of birds and the calm breeze. This was most certainly the case. As we hiked the trails and explored the bluffs, there were many moments where we paused to just listen to the calm symphony of nature.

Maybe this serenity is what you and your family have been needing. Book a day or weekend visit to Atlanta State Park is easy, by just visiting their website. Plan your weekend of fun and peace today!


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