Boardgames to Play this Weekend: Wavelength & Sonora

Great games to try out this weekend with your friends and family!
Published: Apr. 4, 2024 at 9:41 AM EDT
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There is such an incredible social connection that can be made through board games. Whether that be a group of friends playing a full fledge, multi-hour Role Playing Game or just a classic game of Yahtzee with your grandparents.

We love games! If you enjoy them like we do, we have a few of them below that you need to checkout.

Narration and Tutorial above by Matt Gayetsky from Boards and Bites! All of the games listed below can be found at their gameboard café as well! Plus, click here to watch our full feature on this wonderful East Texas game spot.


  • Players: 2-12 players
  • Age Range: 14yrs and up
  • Time to Play: About 35min

Wavelength is an incredibly fun party game! Spin the dial and help your team “read your mind!” The rotating Host of your team will draw a card with a spectrum of 2 prompts on it., such as “Harmless to Harmful.” If the higher amount of points are leaning towards the left side of the dial, the Host will want to give their team a word that lines up more with something Harmless, for example a kitten. If the team points the needle in the correct area, they will score a specific amount of points! Get to 10 and you win!

Want to play at home? Here is where you can purchase Wavelength: Amazon | Noble Knight Games | Miniature Market

✨CAN YOU GUESS IT?✨ Prompt: QUIET vs. LOUD Clue: “Chewing” Would the target be at 1, 2, 3, or 4 🫣🫣 SWIPE FOR THE...

Posted by Next Move Cafe on Wednesday, March 20, 2024


  • Players: 1 to 4 players
  • Age Range: 10yrs old and up
  • Time to Play: About 35min

Flick disks, score points, and unlock awesome bonuses in Sonora! In this beautifully styled board game, your goal is to outscore your opponents by racking up a high score in each of the 4 biomes located on your personal dry-erase gameboard. Each turn you will aim and flick your disk to land in the 1 of the 4 environments where you need points most.

Want to play at home? Here is where you can purchase Sonora: Amazon | Gamers Guild AZ

Sonora is a fantasticly fun flick and write! Pandasaurus Games

Posted by MvM on Saturday, July 18, 2020

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