You Won’t Bee-lieve All these Plants!

Blooming Flowers, Busy Bees, and Informative Workshops
Published: Mar. 29, 2024 at 4:41 PM EDT
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Spring is upon us here in East Texas! The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the temperature is finally warm and pleasant. What better way to celebrate Spring than to get to work in your garden! Plants of Texas, located in Flint, is your one-stop-shop for all things gardening. Whether you have a green thumb or have never watered a plant in your life, their staff can expertly guide you to an incredible tree and flower set up at your own home. What makes Plants of Texas quite unique is their focus on a flower’s best friend… Bees!


“We’re a one stop bee keeping department.”

Allison Bryant, Manager, shares the passion that the whole crew over at Plants of Texas has for these little pollinators. Located within their permanent store, as they have a giant tent spot on Loop 323 in Tyler during the Spring season, you can find all of the tools, hives, and bee suits to help you become a successful beekeeper. They even have more commercial style equipment if you are looking to really boost your honey production.

Want to see some bees up close? In their store, they have their own Bee Observatory Hive. Open up the tall wooden door and check out 60,000+ bees at work! Don’t worry about being stung, all these little worker bees are all behind a thick glass window for you to enjoy with safety. The Bee Observatory Hive is a great little attraction to check out while you pick up some gardening or beekeeping supplies.


“I’m constantly bringing in new teachers to lead these courses.”

What truly makes Plants of Texas stand out amongst your typical garden center are their various classes and workshops that they host all year long. Some of the classes include learning how to start your own home vegetable garden and beginner to advanced classes on bee keeping. If gardening and beekeeping isn’t necessarily your thing, Plants of Texas also hosts many artistic and craft workshops like soap and yogurt making to even mosaics workshops.

Who is ready for the tropics?? 🌺 Tropicals now available at both our Tyler and Flint locations!

Posted by Plants Of Texas on Wednesday, March 27, 2024


“Our specialty is going to be in our tree and shrub category.”

Of course, being a garden center, Plants of Texas has a huge selection of plants. From small house plants to many types of fruit bearing trees, they are bound to have something that will be a perfect fit for your home. Since it’s Spring, all of the flowers and trees are in bloom at the store so you can get a great idea of just how beautiful each plant really is. (My personal favorite was the Teddy Bear Magnolia tree, which will look so incredible for years to come.)

It’s also worth noting that Plants of Texas is family owned and operated. While you are there, you will quickly feel like you are a part of the family too. The friendly staff here would love to show you and your family how the bees live and work inside their Bee Observatory Hive. They even invite you to come feed some of their koi fish in their huge pond in the back. The family-friendly atmosphere here is something to be treasured. Plan your next visit soon to Plants of Texas and make some new nature loving friends.

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