Boardgames to Play this Weekend: Onitama & Santorini

A fun series highlighting great board games to play!
Published: Mar. 26, 2024 at 2:45 PM EDT
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There is such an incredible social connection that can be made through board games. Whether that be a group of friends playing a full fledge, multi-hour Role Playing Game or just a classic game of Yahtzee with your grandparents.

We love games! If you enjoy them like we do, we have a few of them below that you need to checkout.

Narration and Tutorial above by Matt Gayetsky from Boards and Bites! All of the games listed below can be found at their gameboard café as well! Plus, click here to watch our full feature on this wonderful East Texas game spot.


  • Players: 2 players
  • Age Range: 10yrs old and up
  • Time to Play: About 20min

Onitama presents the one-on-one intensity of a game of chess while being a somewhat straight forward game that anyone can enjoy. Each player uses a variety of cards that determine how you pieces can move. Obtain victory by either defeating the other player’s main pawn, also known as their Master. There is also a second way to win, by moving your Master onto the opponent’s Master’s seat. Will you use your cards wisely to seal the win?

Want to play at home? Here is where you can purchase Onitama: Amazon | Noble Knight Games | Cardhaus Games

>>GAME FEATURE<< Onitama feels a lot like Chess with a twist. Swapping out your movement patterns every turn keeps it...

Posted by Hidden Table Games on Monday, March 11, 2024


  • Players: 2 to 4 players
  • Age Range: 8yrs old and up
  • Time to Play: About 20min

In this Greek god themed game of “cat and mouse”, race your friends to the top of the famous Santorini buildings. Use the power of the gods to cast special powers to help you and annoy your foes. The first one to make it to the top of a 3-level building wins! The rules and abilities are easy to learn, making this a great game for the entire family.

Want to play at home? Here is where you can purchase Santorini: Noble Knight Games

FINALLY back on the gaming train after fighting my daughters for a long time to get to the table. Dad wins this round of #santorinigame. #boardgame #tabletopgame #pacman #johansantana #shinsukenakamura

Posted by Spookymilk Games on Sunday, March 3, 2024

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