Books & Wine? What a Novel Idea.

Downtown Longview's reading nook!
Published: Mar. 8, 2024 at 3:17 PM EST
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There is just something about sipping on a fresh glass of wine while reading a great book. It’s an incredibly relaxing way to become immersed in whatever story you are reading. With this thought in mind, Chad and Laura Nevils helped create the wonderful reading nook in the heart of downtown Longview known as Books and Barrels.


“A lot of people want a physical book.”

In the age of ever-growing modern technology, it’s so easy to download just about any book you can think of within minutes. But as Laura shared with us, being able to hold a physical book in your hands as you embark on the adventures within is just so special. If you are looking for your next read, stop by Books and Barrels where there are hundreds of physical novels of all shapes, sizes, languages, and genres to choose from.

Looking for the latest Sci-Fi Fantasy series?! Books and Barrels has it. How about some classic children’s books that you read as a kid? Yes, they have those too. The selection at Books and Barrels covers a wide range of readers, from family-friendly choices to more lengthy, serious reads. Whether you are total bookworm and just now getting into reading, we promise you’ll find a book you will enjoy. All of the novels at Books and Barrels are perfectly curated by a staff of fellow book lovers.

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Don’t forget to pick up the books you’ve ordered!

Posted by Books & Barrels on Tuesday, February 27, 2024


“We’re all about local. Our wines are from Los Pinos, Rowdy Creek, and Enoch Stomp.”

Just as books have unique styles and genres, wine does too! At Books and Barrels, you can choose from a large selection of local craft wines, and even beer. Relax on the store’s large comfy couches and try some of their excellent wines, such as the Los Pinos’ sweet red, All My X’s. Books and Barrels is the perfect spot to “wine-down” with a nice beverage and novel after a busy week. You can even purchase bottles of their wines to-go!


“We have a bookstore book club called The Perfect Pair Book Club.”

Books and Barrels’ mission is to create a laid-back environment for literature enthusiasts of any age to come and enjoy. One way they accomplish this is with their very own book club, The Perfect Pair Book Club. The group meets every Thursday at the shop as they go through a monthly selected novel. At their meetups, a specific wine is picked out to be paired with their book and discussion. What a fun way to build friendship and community! Books and Barrels also welcomes your own book club. Plan some time with your group and come enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Along with the store’s book club, Books and Barrels offers many opportunities for fun and artistic expression. Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday the shop hosts Poetry Nights. This passionate group of poets welcome you to an environment of learning and sharing poetry. Speaking of performances, every 4th Thursday at 6pm, Books and Barrels hosts their very own open mic night. Take the stage with your friends or kick back and enjoy some live tunes.

Books and Barrels has so much to offer to their downtown community. Locals and travelers alike are invited to come take in their unique and welcoming atmosphere. Plan your next weekend to stop by, pick up an interesting new book, and try some delicious wine. While you’re there, be sure to greet Grilled Cheese and Beans, the bookstore kitties, and give them lots of pets.

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