East Texas Communities Foundation and their East Texas Giving Day!

East Texas Communities Foundation and their East Texas Giving Day!
Published: Mar. 6, 2024 at 12:32 PM EST
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Since 1989, the East Texas Communities Foundation has been a vehicle to support the charitable needs of local non-profit organizations and generous citizens. From everywhere as far South as Trinity County to way up North in Bowie County, ETCF has helped East Texans raise millions of dollars of support to those who want to see real, impactful change. Check out how they are supporting East Texans, especially with their huge East Texas Giving Day happening April 30th!


“Our mission is to support philanthropy by offering simple ways for people to do their long-term charitable giving.”

Kyle Penney, President, shares that the motivation of the East Texas Communities Foundation is to give a detailed roadmap of success to passionate locals who aim to make an impact in an area of need. From food banks and animal shelters to individual scholarships, ETCF helps a wide variety of support systems and programs.


The ETCF has created many different types of funds to help benefit East Texans. First is the Scholarship Fund, which focuses on helping kids who are graduating from local high schools achieve their college dreams. When setting up one of these funds, they can be geared towards a specific local university or perhaps for a student that is choosing a particular career path.

Another type of fund that is offered by ETCF are their Donor Advised Funds. This program streamlines charitable giving with its simple set-up and continual operation. The Donor Advised Fund is ideal for individuals and organizations alike, who desire to make an impact during their lifetime or generations after.

To learn more about all of the different funds that the East Texas Communities Foundation can help you and your non-profit with, check out their full list here!


“We are going into our 7th year of our East Texas Giving Day; raising a total of $13 million for local charities.”

Giving is a joyful occasion, and the East Texas Communities Foundation knows how to throw the best “giving party” around! On April 30th, the ETCF will be hosting their annual East Texas Giving Day. This 18hr online fundraising event allows everyone to visit one central website to donate to many of the amazing charities or services they are passionate about. With over 300 organizations to choose from, you are bound to find one that speaks to your convictions. Log on to this viral giving sensation this Spring!

It's here!! Nonprofit registration opened today. Sign up your nonprofit at https://www.easttexasgivingday.org/ 🔥 Yard signs will be available at the in-person trainings so don't forget to sign up!

Posted by East Texas Giving Day on Thursday, January 25, 2024

There are so many wonderfully generous individuals here in East Texas. The East Texas Communities Foundation helps build a financial pathway for special organizations and citizens so they can make the impact they desire most! If you are a part of a local non-profit or just looking to set up a fund to help locals in need, make your visit to the ETCF today! And be sure to get ready for this year’s East Texas Giving Day!

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