The Soap Shop that is Helping Crockett Grow

Soaps, Fragrances, Workshops, and MORE!
Published: Feb. 9, 2024 at 2:34 PM EST
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Deep in the southwest corner of East Texas, lies the historical city of Crockett. This town, of course, was named after one of the most famous characters in Texas’ history, David Crockett. His legacy still lives on with monuments and murals established throughout the city. While Crockett treasures its special past, there is quite the revitalization happening. With the influx of young families and entrepreneurs, the present period of the town is active with things to do. One business near the downtown square that is creating a ton of buzz is the Mustard Seed Soap Company.


“It was not really intentional of me top open up a business… it was just so I could get my daughter some relief.”

Dena Shipley, founder of Mustard Seed, explains how her local soap shop came to be. Years ago, her daughter struggled with a chronic and painful case of eczema. After trying various medial methods to sooth and cure her, they were met with much disappointment. In a desperate attempt to find something that would aid her daughter, she decided to use a little bit of tallow from her pantry to moisturize her daughter’s effected areas. To their surprise, the tallow did an incredible job at keeping eczema at bay. From this point, Dena started making tallow soap for her household. Conversations with friends about the soap soon led to Dena selling her soap at local farmers markets. Then, just about a year ago, she decided to open up her very own shop here in downtown Crockett.

The Mustard Seed Soap Co.’s shop has so much to offer! From the popular Tallow Body Silk that helped Dena’s business get going to many other self-care products. Their botanical soap bars come in a huge variety of scents and colors. There are shampoo bars, body mists, bath bombs, and even men’s care products! You must plan a visit to the shop, take in all of the wonderful fragrances, and be sure to try a lemon drop candy.

Register today to join us for a lovely evening to create your own candle on Thursday February 22nd at 6:30PM! 💛 While...

Posted by Mustard Seed Soap Co. on Wednesday, February 7, 2024


We go over what a candle is… all the way down to the science of how a scent is released.”

One popular activity that the shop offers is their candle pouring workshop. This highly detailed class is led by a group of candle experts, who will show you everything there is to candle making. Here, you will learn what a candle is, how to add its wick, and even the science of how a fragrance is released from the flame! Once learning the ins and outs of candles, you are then able to pour your own with the specific scent you have chosen. The best part of the workshop is being able to take your candle home with you; filling your home with a warm light and wonderful fragrance that you created.


“There has been quite a bit of movement down here in Crockett.

The Mustard Seed Soap Company is one piece to the great collective of fun and activity in downtown Crockett. Just down East Goliad Avenue from Mustard Seed, lies the Crockett Grind & Vintage Finds. A great coffee joint that serves up hot and iced craft lattes, plus vintage clothing. Once spot that is highly recommend by Dena is the Old Crockett Wine Emporium. Specializing in premier wines and cheeses, Old Crockett is the perfect place to bring your date. Also, their olive oils must be mentioned. They are so good that Dena says you could just, “drink them up.”

In its nearly two-hundred-year existence, the city of Crockett has provided a fun and safe place to call home. With new shops like the Mustard Seed Soap Company, the longevity and excitement of the downtown scene is heading in the right direction. We believe David Crockett, himself, would be proud of what this city has become. Plan your visit to historic Crockett and Mustard Seed Soap Company today!

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