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Serving up panini-pressed sandwiches in downtown Longview!
Published: Feb. 2, 2024 at 2:34 PM EST
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With the current revitalization of downtown Longview, many great food options are beginning to pop up. One food stop that is getting a lot of attention, residing right off Tyler Street, is Solo Sandwich Co. Home to daily prepped and crafted deli-type sandwiches, Solo is the perfect spot for a quick bite!


“We put everything in a deli cooler, donut-shop style.”

As you walk through the front door, you are met by a very wide display case full of savory sandwiches. Zahck Israel, owner, describes this choice of “menu” by allow guests to actually see their options and pick a sandwich that looks tasty! Once you select your sandwich, the crew then toasts it up with their panni press. The result? A nice, crispy sandwich to satisfy and fill you up for the day ahead.

“The most novelty sandwich we have is the Ham ‘N Jam.”

Ingredients are made fresh for all of the sandwiches here at Solo, from the pesto in their Turkey Pesto Sandwich to the chipotle sauce in the Turkey Bacon Brioche. The is especially true of the customer favorite, Ham ‘N Jam! This sweet and savory item combines the wonderful flavors of blackberry jam, Munster cheese, and smoky ham; all contained on two slices of crescent loaf. “Magical” is the only way we can describe it. We highly recommended this sandwich and all of the other options that Solo has to offer.

Focaccia bread pizza is back today 🍕

Posted by Solo Sandwich Co on Saturday, January 20, 2024


“I really like the Cheers aspect of places. Which is like, “where everybody knows your name.””

The emphasis of friendship comes from his solid relationship with neighboring businesses, Cace’s Kitchen and Greenside Beverage Company (All of which happen to be in the same building). Since opening, Solo has collaborated many times with Cace’s and Greenside on food items and events. And it’s that comradery that makes Solo a one-of-a-kind lunch spot.

Solo Sandwich Co. is becoming an integral piece of the downtown Longview scene. With fresh, high-quality sandwiches and a laid-back environment, Solo is simply a great meeting spot to chow down and build friendships. Come visit Zahck and the rest of the gang at the corner of Tyler and Green Street!

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