“Come As You Are” to the Blackhawk Creek Grill

High quality steak, live music, local general store, and more!
Published: Jan. 26, 2024 at 12:24 PM EST
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Tucked away in the Piney Woods, just south of Whitehouse, lies the steakhouse you’ve been searching for! The Blackhawk Creek Grill offers the perfect mix of superior entrees and a welcoming atmosphere. Come try their world-class steak, while also enjoying Blackhawk’s saloon, general store, live music venue, and so much more!


“The concept is simple. It’s good quality food for our East Texas Community.”

Aaron Skinner, owner, explains that simplicity is key here at Blackhawk. Rather than spread themselves thin with overbearing menu options, they take a focused approach of doing a few things very well. All of their locally farmed, 100% prime angus steaks are cooked to your specifications on a huge mesquite-wood flame grill. (You need to reread that sentence if it didn’t get you hungry.) Stop by for their Steak Nights, which are dedicated to their ribeyes, filets, as well as other meat dishes.

Along with world-class steak options, Blackhawk has a flourishing breakfast and lunch menu. They have many quality meals that stand out, like their classic Blackhawk Creek Burger for lunch and dishes like their Breakfast Pizza to fuel you up to start of your day off right. Pop in anytime they’re open and try one of these great daily menu options.

The Blackhawk Creek Grill is unique in a variety of ways. Yet, what stands out the most is that all of the greens they use for salads and such are cultivated by the use of their Aquaponics system. LeeAnn Skinner, co-owner and wife of Aaron, heads up this all-natural operation. If you aren’t familiar, aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. In less scientific terms, a large tank of fish provides top-tier nutrients to the plants in their green house. What is super neat is that you can even peek through the glass window in the back and watch the little fishes get to work on growing super healthy herbs and vegetation for your meals!

Who has tried our Blackhawk Burger?!? Let us know what you thought below! ⬇️🍔⬇️ Come in today until 2:00 or Thursday...

Posted by Blackhawk Creek Grill on Wednesday, January 10, 2024


“Honestly, this blew up into way more than it was ever supposed to be.”

According to Aaron, although the Blackhawk Creek Grill did not originally intend to be a one-stop-shop for food, entertainment, and gifts, that is slowly what it has become. Right as you walk inside the restaurant, you are met by two of their secondary attractions. First is the General Store, which provides a plethora of snacks, apparel, and gifts from awesome local brands like the Lindale Candy Company! Blackhawk’s passion for shopping locally is on full display here in the shop. Right beside the store is the Saloon. Here you can kick back and enjoy a craft cocktail or draft beer. Ask for a nice Old Fashion and either hangout at the long wooden bar or in the relaxing lounge area.

As you step out the backdoor of Blackhawk, you emerge to the Back Porch and Shade Tree Pavilion. This is the ideal East Texan venue for live music; outdoors, a huge stage for large bands, and open space that can fit up to 400+ country music fans. With consistent local artists and the occasional national touring musicians, you must come check out their live music scene!

“Come and enjoy a high-class meal that you don’t have to dress up for.”

The Blackhawk Creek Grill is the perfect place for an East Texan night out. Come meet the Blackhawk family and play with their large and friendly pup, Muscle. Plan your next weekend to shop, listen, and dine all here at this awesome Piney Woods steakhouse!

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