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Entertainment in the Heart of Lufkin
Published: Dec. 21, 2023 at 12:10 PM EST
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Today, entertainment is a dime a dozen. You can pull up just about every movie imaginable within just a few seconds on your smart device. Although we can be thankful for such massive advances in technology that makes entertainment almost instant, there seems to be missing something… Atmosphere. Immersion. Moments that make you feel like you are really in a movie or play. The Pines Theater offers all of these tangible experiences with their wide variety of performances in downtown Lufkin!

“The Pines Theater is what we like to call the heart of Lufkin.”

Kivana Ford, Operations Manager, describes the impact that the theater has had for deep East Texas locals since the 1920′s. What started out as a movie theater of silent films, the Pines Theater has stood as a hub of entertainment for the Lufkin area over the past century. The building has been well taken care of, resembling much of its look from the Roaring Twenties. The large neon “Pines” sign and retro ticket booth invite you in for an evening of real, lasting entertainment.


“We like to keep that nostalgic feel. Our movie tickets now are still $5.”

Kivana shared with us that in the Pines Theater’s origins, tickets to see a movie were only 10 cents. Today, the theater has done its best to honor that affordable price by charging only $5 to see a movie from their wonderful Pines Film Series. This curated batch of movies covers a huge spectrum of cinema. Chase down wild west criminals with Roy Rodgers. Walk through the emotional journeys of your favorite characters like in Gone with the Wind. The Pines Theater is always adding movies to their calendar for you to come and enjoy.

Beyond the silver screen, the Pines Theater hosts all types of theatrical performances with their The Pines Presents Series. Dance as the big jazz bands jam. Sit awestruck as magicians defy all odds. Become deeply invested in the narratives portrayed by actors and actresses. There is a performance for everyone here. Even bring the kids and enjoy family-friendly events from their Discovery Series like Madagascar the Musical or A Charlie Brown Christmas!


“There’s so much you can take away from our shows. It’s quite an incredible experience.”

The Pines Theater doesn’t stop at entertainment. It goes deeper to the heart and mind of the audience. Kivana shares that here at the theater you will grow in your understanding of culture and the world. With performances like the Langston Hughes Project, see how roadblocks were broken into clear paths for African Americans. Meaningful, relevant, and life changing history. The theater also aims to enrich the minds of students with a many educational experiences. From Broadway productions to science demonstrations, and everything in between, they provide many endeavors to help develop the dreams and goals for the youth of East Texas.

Sure, you could stay home this weekend and just binge-watch the same old series you always do. Or! Why not go out for something new! A memorable production that you will cherish forever! Invite a friend and catch one of the many performances that the Pines Theater has on for this upcoming season.

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