The Park Within the Pines

Take a break from the busyness for relaxation and adventure!
Published: Dec. 14, 2023 at 10:43 AM EST
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Located just north of I-20 in Tyler lies 985 acres of solitude and adventure. For nearly a century now, the Tyler State Park has offered itself as a retreat to locals and travelers alike. Come take part in some much-needed rest as you participate in the simple things in life while admiring the beauty of creation.

“When you pull into the park, as soon as those pine trees close in behind you, you’re now in another world.”

Peace. Quiet. The joys of being with nature. Boyd Sanders, interpreter and exhibit coordinator, explains the feeling whenever you first arrive at Tyler State Park. Very quickly you are taken from the urban terrain of highways and commotion to the tranquility of this rural atmosphere. The ever-tall pine trees, 64-acre lake, 13 miles worth of trails, and the peaceful silence all invite you in for a relaxing experience.


From day one, Tyler State Park’s goal has always been to provide an environment of peace and enjoyment as you marvel in the natural gifts of the Earth. This mission began during one of America’s most downtrodden eras, the Great Depression. President Roosevelt would create the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933 which would give Americans a core necessity, jobs. With this new opportunity, many state parks to be created by this new workforce, including Tyler State Park! Since then, the park has held its foundation as a place of retreat from the busyness and worries of life.

To learn more about Tyler State Park’s rich history, even to its Native American roots, visit their website!

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Posted by Tyler State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Saturday, December 9, 2023


“Not every kind of lost is a bad thing. getting out in the forest, forgetting about the bills… forgetting about electronics, just getting out and enjoying the outdoors.”

Boyd shared with us all the many ways to enjoy Tyler State Park. You can participate in activities that people have been doing here for a hundred years. Spanning from swimming and fishing in the lake, to hitting the trails, to camping to your comfort level. They offer a variety of camping styles from roughing it with a simple area to setting up a tent in the woods, all the way to having a designated area for your RV. Click here to see ideas of how you would like to spend your day or weekend at the park!

You are of course free to spend your time at the park however you like. (We love the hiking trails and kayak rentals.) Yet, if you are in the mood for learning more about the outdoors or how to get the most out of your nature adventures, you need to check out their monthly programs and events! From natural resource programs, where you will learn about the Texas-native trees and environments, to outdoor activity class, where they teach you how to prepare for a proper hike, Tyler State Park does it all! Check out the Events Tab on their site to see all the upcoming activities that they will be hosting. We strongly recommend the First Day Hike, which is a monthly statewide program that encourages you to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas landscape.

“Having a good time for that decompression so you can go back and do life back on concrete and asphalt.”

Tyler State Park invites you and your family to an unforgettable getaway in nature. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the hectic schedules of work and school. As Boyd shared, allow Tyler State Park to be your sanctuary to decompress so you can go back to your everyday life recharged! Schedule a visit today!

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