What The Fork Is Going On In Sacul?

Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 10:32 AM EDT|Updated: Sep. 29, 2023 at 11:08 AM EDT
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If you are traveling from Nacogdoches to Jacksonville, you might have caught sight of a particular brightly painted purple and green building, What the Fork Food Shack. Although it is located in a remote area, the business stays very busy with all the traffic that passes through. This is for a good reason: they have a massive variety of delicious specials!

Husband and wife pair Mark and Kimberly Wilson founded the restaurant and convenience grocery store. The couple wanted a unique name that would stand out and be memorable, and after a lot of thinking, they settled on the far-out name “What the Fork.” Adding “Food Shack” after it because it is a restaurant and a grocery store where you can get good homemade meals and snacks to boot!

Their grocery section has various items. Customers can get soda, milk, candy, snacks, and even some baking supplies. From novelty candies to classic convenience store favorites, fun dips, and individual 25-cent sweets, they are well stocked for a store in such a rural location.

What The Fork Food Shack
What The Fork Food Shack(Justin Mott)

Their ever-changing menu has something for everybody. Some of the outstanding original dishes would be the Reuben-Cuban Wrap, the Spam Jam Sandwich, the Texas Burger with homemade candied jalapenos, and the crowd-favorite Italian State Sub Sandwich, to name a few. The menu boasted 197 unique options over the past year in 2022. That is impressive for a restaurant that only started a year ago.

If you want to try and keep up with their menu, you can visit their Facebook Page, where Kimberly keeps customers up to date with photos and information about their tasty daily specials. So stop by for a culinary treat now that you know just What the Fork is going on in Sacul, Texas.

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