Texas Veterans Military Show

Texas Veterans Military & Classic Car Show draws crowds in Bullard
Texas Veterans Military & Classic Car Show draws crowds in Bullard
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 2:12 PM EDT
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There are many ways in which we can give back and show our appreciation for veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Each year there is an event bringing together thousands of people to honor those who have served, while also providing ways to educate the public about our military.

The Texas Veteran’s Military Show pulls out all the stops to honor veterans and introduce them to the public. This event includes a parade to the 188-acre grounds where they will honor multiple Medal of Honor recipients, have over 70 military vehicles and aircraft to tour, and a firing range to check out historic weapons going back as far as World War II.

“It’s an all-day event, we’ll have a rock & roll band, Mouse & the Traps will be playing,” said Mike Balfay, Bullard Firefighter, and organizer of the event. “There’s a military parade on the property, where an announcer will talk about each one, and a full-blown car show with hopefully 150 cars at this event and all five branches of the military will be there.”

Happening September 23rd in Bullard, TX. (Texas Veteran’s Military Show)

Happening September 23rd in Bullard, TX.
Happening September 23rd in Bullard, TX.(Texas Veteran's Military Show)

To catch the morning parade that’s headed to the event, you will need to be at the grounds by 9:45 AM, Saturday, September 23rd. The parade starts at 9:30 AM at Stewart Funeral Home and heads out to Bullard. The parade will feature military vehicles from World War II and many pre-1978 classic cars.

“It’s just a respectful fun way to honor those who serve our country,” said Balfay. “This is our chance to pay them back for what they’ve done for us.”

The show will have vehicles and veterans coming from all over the entire United States and a chance to actually meet 7 Medal of Honor recipients.

We spoke with veterans who expressed why this event really brings people together. “It’s good for the public. A lot of them go away with a different understanding of what we went through,” said Vietnam Veteran Dee Merritt. “It means a lot to me as a vet and to veterans that I’ve seen and talked to.”

Korean War Veteran and Vietnam Veteran Bill Jacque said “This event gives me the chance to meet veterans from all branches of the service and all different conflicts, I get a chance to meet them, I get to make new friends. You’re a veteran and you’ve all got something in common.”

The Texas Veteran’s Military Show 2023 will be from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 23rd at 655 South Doctor M Roper Parkway in Bullard.

You can see the full list of details on their website and stay up to date with future events by following their Facebook page.

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