Brewing boozy new drinks at Dunkin

Coming soon to 12 states including Texas
Coming soon to 12 states including Texas(Dunkin)
Published: Aug. 14, 2023 at 10:25 AM EDT
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TEXAS (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - One of the largest coffee chains is now exploring the alcohol market. Starting in late-August, Dunkin’ will be releasing cans of spiked iced coffees and iced teas. Late August will be the unveiling of the spiked ice teas while those wanting the spiked coffees will have to wait until September. Only twelve states get the honor of having these on stores shelves. Texas is one of those states. Their website says that more states will be added in 2024.

They are taking their famous flavors and adding booze for adults. From their press release, “Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Coffee has an ABV of 6%, drawing inspiration from the brand’s iconic coffee flavors. Dunkin’ Spiked Iced Tea, the brand’s first venture into the hard tea category, has an ABV of 5% and offers four signature flavors.”

There are four varieties of iced coffees: Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Spiked Caramel Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Spiced Mocha Iced Coffee and Dunkin’ Spiked Vanilla Iced Coffee. You can choose from a 12-can mix pack, four-pack of 12 oz. Original and a single 19.2 oz can of Dunkin’s Spiked Original Iced Coffee.

For the ice teas: Dunkin’ Spiked Slightly Sweet Iced Tea, Dunkin’ Spiked Half & Half Iced Tea (half black tea & half lemonade), Dunkin’ Spiked Strawberry Dragonfruit Iced Tea Refresher and Dunkin’ Spiked Mango Pineapple Iced Tea Refresher.

Please note that these drinks will not be at Dunkin’ locations. You can only find them in grocery stores.