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Published: Aug. 10, 2023 at 7:12 PM EDT
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You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to jump into this new experience that’s making exercise more like playtime, and is suited for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or body type!

OMG Bungee Fitness has taken exercising to new heights with classes that bring heart-pounding fun with low-impact workouts that keep you energizing instead of just plain exhausted.

“I got started with this after I left coaching all-star cheerleading. I love having something extra to do in my I call this my I’m a physical therapist assistant by day and I’m a bungee instructor by night,” said owner Cheyenne Sallee. “I’m so glad to give people something to look forward to. Not only that’s good for them, but just to have them come and be happy to be here and to work out.”

The only requirement is to be at least 10 years old to start using the bungee, and after that it’s all smiles as you learn to trust your bungee and your body as they work together to truly start flying and get more creative with the exercises.

Classes are tailored to different levels, with beginner classes to get you comfortable with the movements until you’re ready for the more challenging level 1 class or a workshop. “It’s all very basic until you get more confident, so there’s no right or wrong,” said Sallee. “There’s no, ‘Oh, you didn’t do this. We’re not going to move on until you get it.’ No, it’s just come get in the bungee, learn to trust the bungee, learn to move and feel the flight and the low impact and all the benefits of doing bungee fitness.”

There are also availabilities for private parties to come in, outside of normal class times, and it can be just for fun like a birthday group, or team bonding with coworkers.

Alongside OMG Bungee Fitness, there’s some extra fun to be had when you visit the gym! First thing you’ll see when you enter is “Love Your Selfie” selfie studio owned by Sallee’s mother Debbie.

Enjoy some fun with friends in the A/C! 😃 Love Your Selfie Studio with over 25 interactive selfie booths. Call or text to book! 903-361-7227.

Posted by Love Your Selfie Studio on Monday, June 26, 2023

You can combine packages for time in the selfie studio (with over 25 booths to enjoy!) along with time in the gym. Which Sallee mentioned they’ll start with the selfie studio, so no worries about how you look after getting out of the bungee.

Before our visit to OMG Bungee Fitness came to a close, Sallee told us about two very important people that gave her the inspiration to bring this idea to life. “The pictures of the two people on the wall are people who have impacted my life tremendously, who are no longer with us. They really do just hold a special place in my heart and gave me the inspiration to open something like this for people who don’t always have that place to go, who aren’t comfortable going to the traditional workout places, and just giving everybody a place where they can come and feel loved and feel happy,” said Sallee.

And as someone with a heart full of gratitude, Sallee also opens the studio for special needs children at no cost. She mentioned, “That’s another opportunity that I just love to share with the world. I don’t charge for that. If you’re if anybody has this kid that wants to come up here that has those different kind of abilities, I would love to open my doors to them and just have them in here and let them play and let them have those unique experiences that they don’t get every day.”

To check out the classes available, you can visit their website here, or take a trip over to their Facebook & Instagram pages to keep up with the latest news. You can also use the “WellnessLiving Achieve” app to access the schedule. For private parties, you can call OMG Bungee Fitness at 903-361-7171 to set up that event.

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