Enjoy a waterfront oasis all summer long

Adventure out to The Boulders at Lake Tyler!
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 5:02 PM EDT
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Nestled away in East Texas, you can enjoy this waterfront destination that brings an unforgettable experience for families and those who just enjoy some time away from the city!

The Boulders at Lake Tyler provides an idyllic setting with many activities available, with options available for rent if you’re not able to bring your own. You can even decide how you want to stay at the park, with 56 RV spots (and even some rentable RVs!), 4 cozy cabins, 10 tent glamping areas, and multiple spots available for traditional camping as well!

“The Boulders has been open since about 2014. We have a lot of people from all over the United States that love to come here,” said Park Manager Paul Taylor. “We have a lot of folks that love to come out and just spend the day fishing on the fishing barge and the pier that we have.”

Just like you can choose how you’d like to sleep in the park, you have many options of what to do in your time there! The Boulders rents out golf carts, bikes, kayaks, and pontoon boats for you to be able to explore the park itself and travel across Lake Tyler. You can rent a fishing pole if you don’t have your own, and with nearly 3,000 feet of boardwalk, there’s plenty of room to cast a line and relax.

Within the park proper you also have 3 miles of nature trails, nearly 5 miles of paved roads to enjoy a walk or a bike ride during your visit, and a playground too for some good ole fashioned fun. There is also a boat ramp if you don’t need a rental, and a swimming area for some much-needed cool down time from that Texas heat. Located on the grounds, you can get a treat from the Boulders Ice Company or stop in the convenience store for any other treats you may also need.

“We do offer a new event center that we just started renting out,” said Venita Peacock, the Event Center Coordinator. “Many of the attendees at these events say, ‘We didn’t even know this place was here.’ And then they say when they round the corner, it’s like you’re in a whole totally different world.”

The event center, which came about during the spring of 2022, is adorned with vintage décor and provides a waterfront experience for any time of event you want to have. With Peacock also mentioning, “Many weekends we have multiple events going on at one time, and I enjoy seeing people having a good time and helping coordinate for them.”

The main theme spoken by both Taylor & Peacock is the peace visitors can enjoy when they escape from their respective city for a while, no matter how long anyone stays in the park. Whether it’s some time needed to adventure, a peaceful stay by the water, or even a quick getaway with loved ones, The Boulders has no shortage of excitement available after you check in!

You can learn how to book your time at The Boulders at Lake Tyler by visiting their website, and by staying up-to-date with future events by checking out their Facebook page.

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