This historic post office has come back to life with coffee and smiles

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Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 1:34 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 19, 2022 at 10:45 AM EDT
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Since the 1930s, an Art Deco style post office has called the heart of Jacksonville home. It is the first federal building built in Cherokee County and since 2021, has been bringing in the community in a fresh new way.

Postmasters Coffee Company opened in July of 2021, with the mail goal of bringing people together. While it may no longer look like a post office once you enter the coffee shop, some of the original touches are still there and preserve the history of this historic building.

“It’s a little piece of history that we’ve gotten to hold on to and keep all of these original touches,” said Manager Karas Stanley. “We have the opportunity to have all types of events in here, where our community can come together in this great space that just shines the history of Jacksonville.”

With such an amount of space, Postmasters has been able to host game nights, swing dance lessons, story times, and even have vendors and markets into their space to truly make it a place where the community can come together and learn from each other, which makes their vision of bringing people together a success.

“You think the skylight is fun, you should hear the sound bouncing around in here,” said Assistant Manager Melissa Thrift. “Especially on live music nights, it’s incredible.”

If you would like to book the venue for your group, you can contact Postmasters on their website!

“You know what you get every time you come through the door”

Everything, from all the styles of coffee and drinks, plus the food and treats, are all house made! Their goal is to not be serving products that were bought from somewhere else, they love adding a more homey and special feeling for the customers.

“What really blew me away when I started working here, I knew how hard they worked, I knew how good the coffee was, but our roaster Silver Grizzly in Longview put us through training,” said Thrift. “It’s not ‘I like it better when she makes it’, we all do it exactly the same.” Stanley added in “You don’t have to worry who’s working each day, you’ll get your coffee and you’re gonna love it!”

During my time visiting at Postmasters, Stanley and Thrift could not express enough how much of a family their team is and how not only does the coffee shop bring together the community, they also bring their team together as a dependable group full of love. Between the customers, and the employees, Postmasters prides itself as a place where people come together to become permanent parts of each others lives.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Postmasters is located inside the Historic Landmark Post Office at 402 East Rusk Street, Jacksonville, TX 75766.

Visit their Facebook and Instagram to keep up with events and treats throughout the year.

Check out Postmasters website for their mailing lists and online orders.

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